Network Architecture

We enforce a split between "Control", "Data", and "Infrastructure" networks. Control and Infrastructure share a common infrastructure, using VLANs to provide isolation. Together these provide services and user access to the testbed.

The Data networks operate on physically separate hardware, to preserve repeatability of experiments, and to prevent experiments from interfering with testbed services.

Networks do not span sites, with access being done via L3 tunnels, or public internet.

The Instrumentation network is special, in that it is accessible to experiments, but is managed by infrastructure services. This provides, for example, optical or RF devices that need direct L2 access to multiple domains. Access to this network is granted on a case by case basis to experiments. This is also the only L2 network that spans sites.

Currently, the only two sites are the main deployment in NYC, and the sandboxes at Rutgers, in North Brunswick NJ.

Consoles give user access from outside and communicate with services on the DMZ network, and access to the testbed devices over control.

Network Roles

Each Domain has a control network, that is statically configured, as well as two configurable data plane networks. Imaging and other configuration tasks is done via the control network, while experiment and radio traffic is passed on the data networks.

In addition, each "site" has some infrastructure networks.

  • CM: used for power control of nodes, not directly accessible to users, instead is managed by services
  • Inside: Private network for service traffic, VM Storage traffic, etc.
  • DMZ: User accessible network for service traffic
  • MGMT: Private network for control of network devices, VM Cluster synchronization, etc.
vlan id subnet name location
101 mgmt_win winlab
102 inside_win winlab
103 cm_win winlab
104 dmz_win winlab
105 mgmt_nyc nyc
106 inside_nyc nyc
107 cm_nyc nyc
108 dmz_nyc nyc
109 instrument both
110 bed_ctrl nyc
111 bed_data1 nyc
112 bed_data2 nyc
113 sb1_ctrl winlab
114 sb1_data1 winlab
115 sb1_data2 winlab
116 sb2_ctrl winlab
117 sb2_data1 winlab
118 sb2_data2 winlab
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