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    6060=== Baseline CUDA
     61The cuda baseline image is meant to be run on the cosmos server machines containing V100 GPUs. It is built with Nvidia drivers for the GPUs and CUDA libraries for general purpose GPU programming. The baseline image is built with driver version 410.104 with cuda 10.0 libraries.
     63If you would like to creade a cuda image using different versions of either the drivers or cuda, you can do so by starting with the baseline_1804 image.
     651.  Select the driver version you need from [ the Nvidia Driver Downloads Page]. Be sure to specify the product type as "Tesla" and the product series as "V-Series". Click download and then on the following page, right click on the "agree & download" and copy the link address. On the node, use wget or curl to download the link you copied.
     66  * "dpkg -i nvidia-diag-driver-local-repo-ubuntu1804-410.104_1.0-1_amd64.deb"  note: you may be asked to add a gpg key during the installation process. Use the command that is given.
     67  * "apt-get update"
     68  * "apt-get install cuda-drivers"
     69  * log out of the node and use omf tell to turn it off and on again. When you log back into the node, running lsmod should demonstrate that the nvidia drivers have been loaded.
     702.  Select the version of cuda you need from [ the cuda toolkit archive], then choose your operating system (Linux), architecture (x86_64), distribution (Ubuntu), and version (18.04). Choose "deb(local)" as the installer type. Again, copy the download link and use wget to download it onto the node. You can then follow the installation instructions on the download page.
     713.  To verify your cuda installation, you can build and run some of the cuda samples. They'll be found in /usr/local/cuda/samples.
     724. You will also have to add the directory of cuda binaries to the path. Edit the .profile file and add 'PATH="PATH:/usr/local/cuda/bin"'
    6273== Building a baseline image
    63741. Use pxe or usb to install ubuntu netinstall iso