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     1= COSMOS
     3Welcome to the COSMOS Testbed.
     5COSMOS is available for remote access by academic researchers both in the U.S and internationally.
     7== Registration
     9Both Organizations and individuals can register. Your provided contact information must be associated with the organization you are registering as.
     11New Users should sign up using the [ User Registration Form], but please check to make sure you are signing up under the correct organization, as only the selected group's admin will see your request.
     13Organizations must list a primary contact, who will be responsible for approving individual memberships in that group. In addition, they are responsible for the conduct of their members.
     14They can be registered at the [ Organization Registration Form]
     16== Conduct
     17Since the testbed can radiate in a wide range of RF frequencies, and uses a considerable amount of power and other resources, we require that it be used for legitimate research purposes.
     19Efforts have been made to prevent accidental misuse or interference with other users or the public, however deliberate abusive or malicious actions will result in a ban from access.
     21Accidents, mistakes, misconfigurations and the like happen. Some actions, such as transmitting on a forbidden frequency, or accidental network denial of service, will result in a warning to you, and your group administrator.
     23This is a shared resource, please make every effort to be considerate to other users.
     25== Usage
     27Events and Tutorials are listed under [wiki:Events COSMOS Events]
     29Time based reservation can be made at the [ Control Panel].
     31From that page, under "Manage my account" is a link to upload a ssh public-key. Configure your client to use the corresponding private key for access.
     33More information is at [wiki:ssh_config ssh client configuration]
     35You request dedicated use of a resource, for a period of time. During that time, your SSH keys will be enabled at [ssh://]
     38Tips and recommendations for working on a remote system over SSH are at [wiki:ssh_tips ssh tips]
     40Names of things: [wiki:naming naming]
     42Detailed hardware descriptions: [wiki:hardware hardware]
     44Loadable images: [wiki:node_images node images]
     46Tutorials : [wiki:tutorials here]