Node md2 is a Medium Node located on the second floor of the Mudd Building at Columbia University, overlooking Amsterdam Avenue. The omni-directional antenna has line-of-sight to the majority of Amsterdam Ave. between 117th St. and 121nd St., as well as to parts of 120th St. and 119th St. headed east.

Contributors: Angel Daniel Estigarribia, Watson Mushimbei, Irfan Tamim

Data: Available here (CSV)

Node photographs

Figure 1: Photographs of md2
(a) Viewed from across Amsterdam Avenue


Coverage measurements were performed in the area around md2 in March and April 2021. In total, around 100 measurements have been taken on sidewalks in the area spaced by roughly 5m-spaced. The measurement results are presented below.

Figure 1: Coverage measurement results for md2.

These measurements demonstrate an RSSI of around -72 dBm at a 200m distance down the street. As would be expected, the locations close to the node experience the highest RSSI.

Up to -82 dBm coverage is achieved up to 70m up a street which is around a corner.

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