Deployment Map

Current Outdoor Sites

Map locations and GPS coordinates are only approximate and for rough reference only.

co1 core 1 CU CS Building CRF compute map
co2 core 2 Datacenter at 32 Avenue of the Americas map
lg1 large 1 CU Mudd building 18th floor rooftop map s1-lg1,s2-lg1, s3-lg1
md1 medium 1 CU Mudd building 1st floor (120th Street) map md1
md2 medium 2 CU Mudd building 2nd floor (Amsterdam Ave) map md2
12th Floor Camera (Amsterdam Ave) map
12th Floor Camera (120th St) map

CU = Columbia University

Coverage measurements of the outdoor nodes when transmitting 802.11g WiFi data packets at 2.412 GHz are described here.

Current and upcoming sites

The figure below shows COSMOS’ envisioned deployment area of about 1 sq. mile covering about 15 city blocks and about 5 city avenues, with tentative deployment sites marked on the map.

The pilot phase in the figure below (which includes the sites above) was completed in May 2019. Phase 1 completion date was planed for the end of 2020 but now depends on NYC and NYS re-opening following COVID-19. The full envisioned deployment is illustrated in Phase 2.

The following sites are currently under construction and will be available later this year.

lg2 large 2 CCNY North Academic Center (NAC) rooftop map Coming soon
md3 medium 3 CCNY North Academic Center (NAC) street-level (Amsterdam Ave) map Coming soon
md4 medium 4 CCNY street-level (W 133rd St & Convent Ave) map Coming soon

CCNY = The City College of New York

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