Full-Duplex Radio

Full-duplex (FD) wireless is an emerging wireless technology allowing for simultaneous transmission and reception on the same frequency channel. To support research into FD, two FD transceivers have been integrated into the COSMOS Sandbox !#2.

Details about the Gen-2 FD hardware may be found here, and a tutorial on how to utilize the hardware and run experiments may be found here.

Integrated Gen-2 FD transceiver

For more information about the integration of the FDE-based FD transceivers in COSMOS, please read:

Tingjun Chen, Jackson Welles, Manav Kohli, Mahmood Baraani Dastjerdi, Jakub Kolodziejski, Michael Sherman, Ivan Seskar, Harish Krishnaswamy, and Gil Zussman, “Experimentation with full-duplex wireless in the COSMOS testbed“, Proc. IEEE ICNP’19 Workshop Midscale Education and Research Infrastructure and Tools (MERIT), Oct. 2019 (Download)

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