Remote Access

To User account and Files

Users with an account can always access their Home Directories, and files, and run basic scripts, by SSH and connecting to ssh . Detailed instructions are available at: Connecting to a console page.

To Consoles

The domain consoles can be accessed the same way as the gateway (above), with the following differences:

  1. Consoles can be connected to ONLY during a current (and approved) reservation.
  2. In addition to accessing home directories and computing/running scripts, consoles can run OMF commands to control resources within their domain
  3. Consoles share a Control network with resources within their domain

To Resources via console

  • Resources can be interacted with by running commands from a Console.
  • For example:
  • Using OMF commands to
    • Turn resources on/off
    • Load and save images
    • Run OEDL Scripts with OMF exec
  • Use SSH from a console to open an interactive session with a compute resource.
  • Use SSH with X11 Forwarding to view a graphical window from a resource on your local machine

To Resources directly

This is an advanced topic. In the event that bridging through a console adds unacceptable overhead too your use case, the following options are available:

  • Use SSH ProxyJump and similar commands to automate the connection though the console
  • Use the VPN to route arbitrary network traffic from the Control Network to or from your local machine.

Using SSH

The most common method of connecting to the testbed is via SSH. The SSH protocol is quite powerful, and allows interactive shell sessions, file transfer, port forwarding, and even graphical display if configured properly with other utilities.

Configuring SSH Keys

See Configuring SSH keys page.

SSH tunneling and X11

See SSH X11 tunneling page.

Common SSH Tips and FAQ

See SSH tips page.

Using Chrome Remote Desktop

See Chrome Remote Desktop setup page.

Using a VPN

In cases where SSH is insufficient or inconvenient, an IPSEC VPN is available.

See VPN setup page for client set up info.

Common cases include:

  • A need to tunnel many, or ephemeral ports.

Site to Site Connection

If you have a need to bridge a remote network with the testbed, this must be arranged with the testbed maintainers manually. This is usually done to provide connectivity between a Vendor's test device and some testbed experiment, or in case of special demo requirements.

See site-to-site for our recommended connection parameters, that will need to be customized per-connection.

Please contact us for more information.

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