Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequently asked questions and common issues.

I'm having trouble logging in with ssh

The reference page is at User Guide/Remote Access/SSH

Please ensure the following:

  • You have created a public/private keypair
  • You have uploaded the Public key to your account on our portal
  • Your ssh client is configured to use the correct username and private key
  • You have a current reservation for the Domain in question

X11 forwarding is not working

"X11 forwarding" is the process of using a graphical user interface (GUI) over SSH.

If you receive errors while trying to use a GUI over SSH relating to X11 forwarding, first make sure that you use the -X flag in the ssh command when connecting to the console. On macOS, you may need to specify -Y instead of -X. Please note, if you are trying to use a GUI on a node accessed via SSH from the console, then you must specify the -X flag in this ssh command from the console as well.

If X11 is still not working right, make sure that X11 is actually installed on your local machine. macOS and Windows will not have X11 support by default and must be installed. XQuartz for macOS and Xming for Windows are commonly used installations, and usually require a reboot before working correctly.

I'm having trouble registering for an account

The reference page is at User Guide/Account Creation

I never got the confirmation email

Please check your spam folder. Especially many corporate mail filters delay or block our email. If possible, whitelist and

I never got an email that my account is approved

User accounts are approved by the PI for the group you selected. Please ensure that you've picked the appropriate group.

I'm having trouble logging into the web portal

I forgot my password

Please use Forgot Password top navigation bar entry to request password reset

When I run command, I get warnings about "sudo"

You are running commands on a console. The console is a shared machine, and only allows running commands as your user account.

To run arbitrary commands as root, please use the console to provision and connect to a compute resource.

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