Naming Convention


There are currently 3 Domains in COSMOS:

Testbed DomainDescription Main deployment in NYC (name is short for testbed) Development sandbox at WINLAB, Rutgers University Forthcoming sandbox at Columbia University

Domains are controlled by the same central services, but cannot be sliced between either RF or networks.

Device Types

sw Ethernet switch
opt Optical switch
rdm ROADM (reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer)
srv Experiment dedicated Server
cm Out-of-band control device interface used by back-end services
sdr Directly addressable software defined radio (e.g. USRP 2974 or N310)
rfdev RF device that is separately managed (i.e. not part of the directly addressable SDR)

Outdoor Deployment Site Names

co1 core 1 CU CS Building CRF compute map
co2 core 2 Datacenter at 32 Avenue of the Americas map
lg1 large 1 CU Mudd building 18th floor rooftop map
md1 medium 1 CU Mudd building 1st floor (120th Street) map
md2 medium 2 CU Mudd building 2nd floor (Amesterdam Ave) map

CU - Columbia University

Hierarchical naming

Resources are named using the following scheme.

Devices that DO NOT belong to a specific sector of a large site:


Devices that are part of a specific sector of a large site:


Example of core resources:

Core 1 (co1)


Example of a fully populated large site:

Large Node 1 (lg1)

Shared: Sector 1 (s1): Sector 2 (s2): Sector 3 (s3):
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