Node s1-lg1 is the first sector of Large Node 1, located on the 18th floor roof of the Mudd Building at Columbia University, roughly 68m above the campus level and 78m above the street level. Sector 1's antenna is pointed to the northeast overlooking Amsterdam Ave.

Contributors: Sabbir Hossain, Jared Moser

Data: Available here (CSV)

Node photographs

Figure 1: Photographs of s1-lg1
Looking down from Mudd building rooftop.


Coverage measurements were performed around the node area in July 2021. In total, 97 measurements were taken along Amsterdam Ave. The measurement results are presented below.

Figure 2: Coverage measurement results for s1-lg1.
(a) Measurement results (b) 60 degree 3dB antenna beamwidth displayed over measurement map

The measurements show above -65 dBm RSSI at a link distance over 600m distance away. These measurements demonstrate that s1-lg1 provides coverage to a significant portion of Amsterdam Ave even past 125th St.

Future Work

Further measurements on Amsterdam Ave. to cover more distance, as well as measurements on side streets.

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