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Policies & Compliance

Since the testbed can radiate in a wide range of RF frequencies, and uses a considerable amount of power and other resources, we require that it be used for legitimate research purposes.

Efforts have been made to prevent accidental misuse or interference with other users or the public, however deliberate abusive or malicious actions will result in a ban from access.

Accidents, mistakes, misconfigurations and the like happen. Some actions, such as transmitting on a forbidden frequency, or accidental network denial of service, will result in a warning to you, and your group administrator.

This is a shared resource, please make every effort to be considerate to other users.

Outdoor Radio Frequency Allocation

Reception in COSMOS is unrestricted on any frequency capable of being received by a given piece of hardware (refer to specific hardware details for capabilities).

Transmission on any frequency is allowed only with prior approval and limited to frequency bands authorized for such use by the FCC. In addition to the unlicensed ISM bands (subject to regulation by part 15 of the FCC rules), the following bands are available for use by the outdoor COSMOS deployment as part of the New York City Innovation Zone as designated by the FCC.

Frequency BandType of operationAllocationMaximum EIRP (dBm)
2500-2690 MHz Fixed Non-federal 20
3700-4200 MHz Mobile Non-federal 20
5850-5925 MHz Mobile Shared 20
5925-7125 MHz Fixed & Mobile Non-federal 20
27.5-28.35 GHz Fixed Non-federal 20
38.6-40.0 GHz Fixed Non-federal 20

Program Experiment License

Spectrum Monitoring

Emergency Stop Procedures

Network and Platform Security

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