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This is a brief overview of the main concepts and terms needed to follow Cosmos Overview/Workflow


Everything that Experimenters can interact with is referred to as a Resource

To run an experiment, you will configure the resources that you need.

This includes:

  • Compute machines
    • capable of having disk images loaded and saved
    • users can log into them with ssh after provisioning
  • Software Defined Radios
    • FPGA images loaded with UHD
    • Radio paramaters controlled with UHD or other API
  • RF Frontends
    • api to control switches, filters, and gain
  • Network switches
    • connectivity defined with API
  • Optical Devices
    • space switch, roadms, and other devices controlled with optical config service

Note, some resources will fall into more than one of the above categories, such as a compute machine with integrated SDR, like the USRP 2974


Resources are grouped under Domains. Each domain won't interfere with any others, and they are reserved completely separately.

The hardware in a domain may span several sites.


Physically separate locations where hardware is installed. This may refer




Images refer to a full disk image, that can be loaded onto, or saved from the testbed machines.

For instructions on how to work with images, refer to User Guide/Omf Quick Start

For details on the available images, Refer to User Guide/Image Versions


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