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COSMOS sandbox 1, located at WINLAB's ORBIT facility in North Brunswick, NJ, is designed as a mini version representative of the current and future capabilities of the larger outdoor deployment in New York City. It is meant primarily to be a development and testing environment for researchers to become familiar with the software and hardware architectures available in COSMOS.

Sandbox 1 Block Diagram

Sandbox 1 resources:

IP Address Assignment

Device Control Data 1 Data 2
Server 1 (srv1-lg1) (srv1a-lg1) (srv1b-lg1)
Server 2 (srv2-lg1) (srv2a-lg1) (srv2b-lg1)
Server 3 (srv3-lg1) (srv3a-lg1) (srv3b-lg1)
Server 4 (srv4-lg1) (srv4a-lg1) (srv4b-lg1)
Large Node
USRP N310 (S1) (sdr1-s1-lg1) (sdr1a-s1-lg1) (sdr1b-s1-lg1)
USRP 2974 (S1) (sdr2-s1-lg1) (sdr2a-s1-lg1) (sdr2b-s1-lg1)
Medium Node
USRP N310 (sdr1-md1) (sdr1a-md1) (sdr1b-md1)
USRP 2974 (sdr2-md1) (sdr2a-md1) (sdr2b-md1)
Interdigital EdgeLink
Edge Link Device 1 (rfdev1-1) - -
Edge Link Device 2 (rfdev1-2) - -
Interdigital 5G NR Perofmance
5G NR Device 1 (rfdev2-1) (rfdev2-1a) (rfdev2-1b)
5G NR Device 2 (rfdev2-2) (rfdev2-2a) (rfdev2-2b)
mmWave Development
USRP X310 Device 1 (rfdev3-1) (rfdev3-1a) (rfdev3-1b)
USRP X310 Device 2 (rfdev3-2) (rfdev3-2a) (rfdev3-2b)
RFSoC Device 1 (rfdev3-3) (rfdev3-3a) (rfdev3-3b)
RFSoC Device 2 (rfdev3-4) (rfdev3-4a) (rfdev3-4b)
SiversIMA 60 GHz Array 1 (rfdev3-5) - -
SiversIMA 60 GHz Array 2 (rfdev3-6) - -
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