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A number of tutorials are provided enabling users to quickly pick up various aspects of the COSMOS testbed. They are grouped based on functionality and are mostly focused on sandboxes in order to alleviate the pressure on the main testbed.

SDR and Wireless

The main SDRs device usage is illustrated in the basic wireless usage tutorial. A number of more advanced tutorials include the tutorial on how to instrument your SDR experiment with the OML, while the wide-band spectrum sensing tutorial and the channel sounding tutorial illustrate the use of custom FPGA code to improve the performance of the SDR platform. Also:

Optical Networking

Wired Networking

To check COSMOS wired network performance one can use the iperf tutorial.

Edge Computing

Use of Alveo U200 FPGA platform, that is available in all COSMOS servers, is illustrated with the FPGA Getting Started tutorial.

Number of tutorials are related to virtualization including: service migration in container environment

4G/5G Systems

Orchestration Platforms

The tutorials in this group can be used as a starting point for experimentation with the two major Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Management and Orchestration (MANO) platforms:

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